About U offers a variety of packages to help you or your loved ones.

We only provide the amount of help that is needed to allow our clients to continue living comfortably and independently in their homes and communities. Many of our services are provided on an hourly basis with a 4 hour minimum per shift (even if it’s once a week).

We can help you decide how much help you may need during our FREE IN-HOME ASSESSMENT. Please take a look at the types of service packages we offer.

About U employees are screened, trained, bonded and insured. We arrange one-on-one service between our Client and Caregiver to maximize client and family comfort with our services.

Our Services

Personal Care Assistant (PCA) services are designed to assist the elderly, disabled and other individuals that need in-home help with personal cares and Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). This program is part of a federally funded program that is administered under the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services as well as the individual counties and its contracted case managers who work with licensed providers to provide these services. Typically the same staff member or team of staff members work with the same client on a fixed or fairly routine basis. Please note that PCA services must be deemed medically necessary and must be approved by your physician or nurse practitioner before services may be provided,

Already receiving PCA services through another agency? No problem! We will complete all the paperwork with you in your home at a time convenient for you and will provide a seamless transfer of services to About U Homecare.

Do you want to change providers and keep your PCA?We can help you change agencies and then hire, train and employ the PCA as long they meet the eligibility criteria including the successful passing of a mandatory criminal background check.

Who do we accept payment from for individuals on Medical Assistance for PCA services?

  • MN Medical Assistance (straight MA)
  • MA – Waivered Services
  • UCare / Axis
  • Blue Cross (Blue Plus)

Homemaking services are general household activities provided by a trained homemaker when a person is unable to manage the home, or when the person regularly responsible for these activities is temporarily absent or unable to manage the home.

Homemaker services are listed in the community support plan of the person and may include:

  • Meal preparation
  • Routine household tasks
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Assistance with arranging transportation
  • Companionship
  • Informal emotional support
  • Social stimulation
  • Monitoring the safety and well being of the client

We hold a contract with Ramsey County to provide homemaking services.

Are you on a waiver and need Homemaking Services? Just let your assigned case manager know that you would like to utilize About U Inc. for your Homemaking services.  Your case manager can then issue a service agreement to authorize us to provide services for you.  Our Medical Assistance provider number for homemaking is: A144638300.

Who do we accept payment from for individuals on Medical Assistance for Homemaking services?

  • MN Medical Assistance (straight MA)
  • MA – Waivered Services
  • UCare
  • Blue Cross (Blue Plus)

“There’s no place like home.” Home care consists of many different activities that allow one to continue living independently in their own place of residence rather than going to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Some individuals require short-term assistance upon discharge from a hospital while others may require long-term care. We are friendly, flexible, and provide home care solutions based on your needs no matter how much or how little help you may need. The types of services that we provide for private pay clients are listed below:

Personal Care Services:
Personal care assistance with bathing, grooming, toileting. Assisting our clients with dressing and grooming. Helping our clients to prepare for their day.

Light Housework:
Assistance with Daily household chores to keep your home running smoothly. We can put the dog out, or bring in the mail. We can straighten out the kitchen, or launder the bed sheets. All the daily chores done safely.

Planning/Cooking Meals:
Delicious, nutritious food choices and some meals and snacks prepared as requested for your comfort and good health.

Escort to Appointments:
Whether to the doctor, Physical therapist, dentist or to visit a friend, attend a social gathering or a church function… your escort will be there for your continued independence and safe journey.

To enjoy a day or evening to chat, look through photo albums, reflect on past experiences, there is someone to be in your company. Our clients enjoy the new friendship and comfort of a visit.

Reading and Writing:
Vision challenged should not keep you from enjoying a Newspaper Article or commenting on a local issue. Writing a short note to a friend or family member. Your well wishes will be appreciated.

Assistance with shopping and bringing in those grocery packages. You can enjoy the outing to the store or send your helper out to follow your list and deliver your food choices to you.

Medication Reminders:
Our caregivers will help you keep track of taking your medications and prompt you to take them at the appropriate time in accordance with your Care Plan.

Family Support Services:
About U Inc. provides referrals to appropriate professionals in the Geriatric Care Community. Safety Instruction & Monitoring Nurse Home visit to assess safety at your house inside and outside.

Temporary or Long Term Care:
For many individuals we can help with short term/post op assistance or long term for safety and independence in your home. Our care-partners are the helpers to your freedom of life choices.

Other Services –

  • Organize Mail Change Linens Pick Up Prescriptions
  • Answer the Telephone Make Beds Attend Religious Services
  • Answer the Door Do Laundry Escort to Lunch / Dinner
  • Write Letters / Cards Dust Go to the Mall
  • Take Care of Pet Wash Dishes Visit Library
  • Prepare Grocery List Water the Plants Attend Sporting Events
  • Organize and Clean Closets Take Out Garbage Go to a Movie or Play
  • Maintain Calendar of Events Clean Refrigerator Visit Neighbors or Friends
  • Record Receipts / Mail Bills Iron Clothing Take Walks

24-Hour Live-In services are designed to assist those individuals that need continuous help with personal cares, Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), and other home management tasks, but does not require any re-positioning during the night. This service level would require that our staff member be able to sleep for a minimum of 5 hours of un-interrupted sleep during the shift.

A live-in case usually results in the client having the same staff person in the home for 3 or more days at a time with a team of 2 to 3 people to work the case on an on-going basis. In some cases, there may be only 2 staff members who work 7 days continuously and work every other week to minimize the amount of change for some clients. Case length: from short term (less than 2 weeks) to long term (on going).

We accept most long-term care insurance policies and can assist you in understanding the elimination period, your financial obligations for services and we can even help you put a budget together to minimize your out of pocket expenses.

Many long-term care policies only cover personal care assistant and/or home health aide services and they DO NOT cover custodial or some homemaking-type services. It is recommended that you understand the coverage of your policy as much as possible before involving About U Inc.

We want to make sure that your care is provided in accordance with the care you need. Our Registered Nurses provide supervision of our employees in your home and are there to help evaluate changes in your health and make updates to your care plan as needed.

Our Registered Nurses are also actively involved in training our employees in our physical office as well as our correspondence and online training modules.

Whether you are a private pay or medical assistance client who receives personal care services, you will most likely have a regular visit by one of our Registered Nurses to ensure that your health, safety and satisfaction standards are being met. If you have a change in medical condition or have concerns about your care, please contact one of our nurses at no charge to make sure that you are receiving the most appropriate service.

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